USERS - Definitions:
Community users - The hirer or hirers are either residents of Tal y Bont,  Llanbedr y Cennin, Caerhun, Dolgarrog or Ty'n y Groes. (Where there are disputes regarding eligibility the decision will rest with the Management Committee) and also   community or charitable groups whether registered nationally or with the Local Authority.
Other Groups and private individuals.
Company bookings and longer lettings as well as repeat lettings are separately negotiated and the Booking Secretary will act for the Management Committee.

SESSIONS- The minimum let is a two hour session and this is the whole time when the premises booked are available to the hirer. When hiring please calculate into your requirements any setting up and clearing up times.

PAYMENT- On booking an invoice will be generated and payment for single bookings should be made by cheque to the treasurer at least seven days before the event or in cash 24 hours before the event. Unless otherwise agreed there will not be access unless this is done.
Hire of whole building: Hall Stage Kitchen Committee Room
(Sole use of building)
COMMUNITY- FIRST TWO HOURS £30 and £10 every subsequent hour or part thereof. Lettings after 12 midnight are charged at £20 per hour or part thereof.
OTHER GROUPS- FIRST TWO HOURS £40 and £15 for every subsequent hour or part thereof. Lettings after 12 midnight are charged at £25 per hour or part thereof.
Alcohol. A returnable deposit against damage, breakages or extra cleaning of £150 is required for all lettings where alcohol is to be served.
Bars: If the sale of alcohol is to take place on the premises the following rates apply:
Bar organised by the Hall: The hall is responsible for the licence, provision and management of the bar and the sale of drinks. Any profits go to the hall. For this there is no charge.
Bar organised by the hirer: Hirer organises a licence and is responsible for all as above. Any profits to be negotiated by the hirer with whoever runs the bar. The hall requires a fee of £100.
NEXT DAY CLEARUPS  (Sunday mornings ONLY) The hall will be available for two hours unheated for a charge of £10




The following are let on the understanding that other groups may be on the premises and may require access to the toilet facilities.

Hire of Hall only:
COMMUNITY: FIRST TWO HOURS £20 and £5 all subsequent hours up to a maximum of four hours in total. No alcohol is to be served without consent of the management
OTHER GROUPS: FIRST TWO HOURS £25 and £10 for all subsequent hours up to a maximum of four hours. No alcohol to be served as above.

Hire of Kitchen only (unheated):
COMMUNITY: £12 for the first two hours and £10 for each subsequent hour or part thereof.
OTHER GROUPS: £15 for the first two hours and £10 for each subsequent hour or part thereof.


Hire of Committee Room only (Radiant Heater):
Should the kitchen be free users mat use the tea/coffee facility.


Special rate for children's parties:
Whole premises as defined above as a 3 hour let to include any time needed for setting up but allowing an extra 30 minutes (total 3 hours 30 minutes) for clearing up:
£25- Community hirers only.
Other users pay the normal rates set out above. No alcohol to be on the premises.

Hirers are requested to ensure that the kitchen door is not used by people other than to access the kitchen. The main entrance is on the other side of the building as signposted.
The use of tables and chairs is included in the rates for Hall and Committee Rooms. Hirers are requested not to take the green chairs outside but to use the orange plastic chairs.

Hirers are reminded that our ability to make the hall affordable relies on the hirer vacating the hall in the condition in which it was let. Please remove all rubbish and see that the toilets are clean and flushed. Please ensure that the hall floor is swept but not mopped.

We do our best to ensure that lost property that may have some value is kept safe but cannot be held responsible for loss.

Large items such as bar equipment must not remain on the premises after the hire period or a charge will be made for storage.